Why choose us?


ARTISTRY: All of our aerialists are highly trained and have many years of professional experience not only as aerialists but also in a wide variety of movement arts  and dance styles.  We are first and foremost performers and know how to entertain an audience.   Physical theater and story-telling is our strength, and we love to make our audiences laugh.  If you are interested in a more than just ambient background dancers you have come to the right place.

SAFETY: We take safety very seriously and go through rigorous training and precautions to minimize any risks.  All of our performers carry liability insurance.

PROFESSIONALISM: We pride ourselves in our professionalism.  We are on-time, mature, diligent, and come to you with a friendly and respectful attitude, ready to make your event UNFORGETTABLE!

COMMUNITY FOCUS: As a bonus, choosing us you are choosing to support your community.  All of our performers also work hard to run our non-profit teaching studio, in which we provide instruction and access to this art form to at-risk youth teens within the metro Atlanta area.  This is a win, win win situation as you choose to hire us you are also helping us to continue to support the program. For more information about our community driven project please visit www.dairproject.org.


What are your technical requirements?

For the safety of our performers we have some very specific technical requirements:

-Ceiling height from ground to bottom of rig point ideally 20-25 ft  but with modifications some acts can be done at minimum 16ft to 18 ft (certain acts are not available at this height) 

- A structurally sound rigging beam or points that are rated at a minimum of 1,500lbs static load/per rig point.  Exposed structural I-beams that are at least 8" in size are ideal.  A site visit will be necessary to determine feasibility and in many cases hiring an approved third party rigging company is necessary.  If we determine that rigging can be done safely by our company members there will still be a minor rigging fee associated.

-A secured clear floor space of 10ft in diameter, as well as overhead clearance.  

-Rig points away from any electrical wiring, sprinkler systems, or hanging objects (such as lights, speakers, etc).

-Safe access to rigging.  A lift or a ladder must be provided if we are to do our own rigging.

-Appropriate lighting, no strobe lights or fog machines that could endanger our performers

-Appropriate sound system with connections for computer or ipod hookup. Generally, 2-4 house speakers that can produce an even and clear distribution of the signal.

-All of our shows are choreographed to music and we respectfully ask that our performance times do not conflict with other auditory shows

-Access to secure staging area, restrooms and warm up space.

-Performer reserves the right to have at least one member of support staff as well as a photographer/videographer present if permitted by contract.


What if our space is not suitable for rigging?  Can you perform outside?


If you do not have any suitable rig points available or if you want performers for your outdoor event outside, we may be able to accommodate you with our portable rig.  Our free standing rig is 20' high and has a 30x30' foot print, requires one hour set up / safety check and 30 minutes to breakdown.  We require clear ceiling height and a level surface (max 1/2 foot slope). A site inspection is generally required to determine site suitability.  In case this is not possible photographs and drawings of proposed site might be enough to to make a determination. Additional fees for rig rental and transportation/set up/break down will apply.  For outdoor events we are weather dependent.  We cannot perform under high wind or rainy conditions.  We do require a shaded staging area, on-site parking and easy access to site location to unload..


What are some of your offerings?


Choreographed Aerial Acts:

Acts are typically 4-6 minutes in length, depending on the apparatus and number of people in act.  We have acts available on trapezes, silks, lyras, cubes, and custom built equipment.  We will wow your audience with professional and precise aerial acts that are beautiful and awe-inspiring, quirky and fun.  These acts are pre-choreographed to music.

Mini or Full Show:

If you are looking to fill a window of time with entertainment or want to have an event with a show, or a dinner-theatre.  We have themed shows that are fun and entertaining.  Our shows blend Aerial dance and Theatre to bring a drama and comedy to life with super-human aerial acts that your audience will rave about.  Shows can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

Ambient Aerial:

Ambient aerial acts are improv-style in which aerialists perform as “background” to the setting of your event.  This means their performance  flows into your event and guests can choose to watch a performer  or socialize without having to stop the flow of the event.  Sets typically last 10-15 minutes.




Questions about booking and fees...


Please read through our technical requirements carefully and be sure to receive permission from venue before inquiring about booking.   Upon inquiry we will put together a customized fee schedule for your event.  Please remember, even though the time spent at your event is short, we put a lot of hours, heart, and sweat into creating our acts for you.  What we do requires a lot of rigorous training and special preparation prior to your event.  Customized equipment, choreography and costuming are available for an additional fee and require extra lead time.  We do require a signed contract and non-refundable deposit to secure your event.