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Excerpts of Full Cast Productions

Hire the full or partial cast to reproduces a 20-30 minute excerpt of one of our productions or to customize a specialized themed show for your event.  We specialize in aerial dramedy and can work together with you to create a story-lined production to help roast your special guest.

Other Acts

Other Acts and Partners

Our company members are multi-talented and many perform with other partner groups.  Please check them out at:

Dames of Flame

Arrested Development

Stunt Double...


Aerial Acts for Hire

Our company members and other local talent are available for hire for specialty aerial acts.  These are typically 4-6 minutes in lenght and are available on a variety of equipment, as solos, duos or ensemble pieces.   Sample of some or our offerings:


Twin Power  High energy performances by duo Nic and Free on trapeze, duo cloud swing, cube and more.  With backgrounds in more freestyle dance, hip hop and Latin, these two are powerful, playful and fun...

Grace & Elegance Also known as Beth and Shel, with years of classical dance training these two radiate the stage with their elegant presence. 

Rough-n-Tumble  Boys will be boys, as these two have an affinity to morph their tumbling and acro skills into playful fight choreography.  

Solo and Ensemble Acts  On various equipment from trapezes, slings, fabrics, ropes, aerial hoops, cube, triple or 5 wide trapeze and more...  Available as solos or ensembles.


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Youth Company Members

Junior Company

Junior Company

We have some very talented youth at our teaching studio, if you prefer to hire these pre-professionals we will be glad to help you.  For more information about our youth and teen program visit our sister site: